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Join us for an exciting and educational firearms workshop designed specifically for kids ages 10 thru 12 years old! Our program focuses on safety, fun, and learning in a controlled environment.


Campers (minimum age 10) will start with a pellet training session, where they'll learn the basics of firearm safety, handling, and marksmanship under the guidance of experienced instructors. This phase emphasizes safety protocols and responsible gun usage.


Campers (minimum age 12)  will engage in a shotgun course tailored for beginners. Our instructors will teach proper shotgun handling, shooting techniques, and safety precautions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.This program offers a unique opportunity for kids to learn about firearms in a supervised and controlled setting, fostering a sense of responsibility and respect for firearms while having fun and developing new skills. Campers in the shotgun class will shoot live rounds. (.410 gauge). This class will take place at the CEWC Skeet Shooting Range.


Don't miss out on this safe, fun, and educational workshop! Charlie Elliott Animal center.


  • This field trip has two parts: Target shooting and hiking.

    Campers will enjoy the opportunity to learn firearm safety, proper shooting techniques and fundamentals of the various shooting disciplines from certified firearm instructors. Shotgun workshop  will shoot live ammunition. 

  • Since trips are paid in advance there are NO REFUNDS on field trips. Students with verifiable doctor's notes due to an illness will be allowed to tranfer their trip payments to another activity.

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