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ARRIVE TO CAMP BY 5 AM!!!! SAME DAY TRIP--returning in the evening.


The much anticipated Savannah experience is here! First, we will embark on a remarkable journey of Savannah's past with the Freedom Trail Tour. The tour includes  mesmerizing history of the African American journey from slavery to freedom during the Antebellum days (1748-1864) on the coast of Savannah.


Afterwards, we'll have lunch at the popular Forsyth Park where campers can blow off some energy on the playground.


Finally, CWK will take a brief stroll along River Street, the popular Riverwalk, where campers can enjoy candy shops, view the famous Savannah River and take some awesome pictures.


Our buses will make a brief stop for dinner on the way home.


Price covers :

  • Admission
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast (Chick Fil A Chicken biscuits)
  • Sack lunch


Exciting stops include:

  • The First African Church
  • Port of Entry
  • Slave Cemetary/Whooping tree
  • The Beach Institute/Art Gallery
  • Forsyth Park
  • Savannah Riverwalk


Parents MUST Provide:

Money for dinner ($15). Fast food stop.


Optional but strongly encouraged:

Money for a Souvenir or treat. Campers will have the opportunity to enjoy the popular Riverwalk which includes a great deal of candy shops and stores.


  • Travel by premium motorcoachs to Savannah. Buses have outlets for devices and tablets. 

  • Since trips are paid in advance there are NO REFUNDS on field trips. Students with verifiable doctor's notes due to an illness will be allowed to tranfer their trip payments to another activity.

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