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We’ve heard it before: “It takes a village.” CWK is a value-added part of your village. With decades of experience in child care, our mission is to offer an affordable Summer Camp and after-school option filled with excitement, fun, personal development, and learning for children of working parents.


We’re parents, too. We understand that in our current times, a village full of reliable, trustworthy, and capable people will help propel your child towards their destiny. At Camp Warrior King, we provide a comprehensive, enriching summer camp and after-school program on your school premises. We blend seasoned, skilled personnel with engaging workshops and extracurricular activities to make your child’s day fun. Give yourself the gift of time back—let us handle the kids!

About Shaun

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Shaun’s unwavering dedication to youth development ignited 20 years ago when he started teaching martial arts at afterschool programs around Metro Atlanta, a passion that led to the establishment of I Am Defense Martial Arts. This commitment was further manifested in the creation of Camp Warrior King (CWK), a summer camp program that encourages fun and fosters learning through extracurricular activities. Since its inception in 2013, CWK has been a beacon of inspiration for thousands of families. 

Shaun’s childcare programs have provided a fun haven for children and birthed resources that empower parents in their youth development journey. These resources include Success Stacks, a tool to enhance self-efficacy in children, the “You Can Have It ALL” Kid’s motivational magazine and Youth Conferences, and the Team Hott Sawce Cartoons. Shaun's three child motivation and parenting books, Persevere Overcome Win, Raising Extraordinary Kids, and Be Unstoppable Living Life, have been instrumental in guiding parents. In 2019, Shaun's vision extended to opening the first You Can Have It ALL orphanage in Bombo, Uganda, East Africa, a testament to his global impact.


Shaun is an outdoor enthusiast who loves fishing, hiking, hunting, and watersports. The occasional–and self-proclaiming grill master, Shaun enjoys cooking, spending time with his family and friends, watching comedies, traveling, and living a life of happiness and adventure.

About Sharon


Sharon Manning’s passion for teaching children and love for the outdoors began over 50 years ago. She started her journey in education as a college student working with neighborhood children in the City Parks of Denver, Colorado. She has always believed that  “Children learn by doing.” 


A trailblazer in the medical science field, Sharon was involved in cancer research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA, and she helped develop the first lining for the artificial heart at the Hope Heart Institute. 


Sharon has several degrees, including a Biology degree and a Master's degree in Urban Teacher Leadership. 1992, she designed her first summer program, Education Excellence, in Atlanta. In the mornings, students worked on academics and traveled around the city in the afternoons to experience new and different activities. 

For 30 years, Sharon Manning has been a beacon of inspiration as a Life Science teacher for Atlanta and Clayton County Public Schools. Her impact extends far beyond the classroom, as she has dedicated her time to various mentoring and afterschool programs, including Morehouse College and the I Have A Dream program. Her unwavering commitment to education and mentorship is a testament to her belief in every student's potential, inspiring all who come into contact with her.


As the Director of Curriculum and activities for Camp Warrior King, Sharon spends her time researching and planning activities and cooking, which has kept her excited and ready to go. She also enjoys travel, gardening, swimming, reading, and praising God.

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