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 Have you ever wanted a camp for your children filled with non-stop fun? A place where lasting friendships and amazing memories are made? Do you want somewhere where children are welcomed and celebrated for being unique? Welcome to Camp Warrior King!


Summertime is one of the most exciting times of the year for children. We believe in making it educational, exciting, and engaging. This year, we’ve put together another dynamic curriculum that will blow you away. So welcome to a place where the experience is "AWESOME!"  See for yourself!


Camp Warrior King, as an innovative concept, seeks to broaden children's horizons through education, exciting activities, and character-building exercises in a fun, safe environment. Our goal is to bring "out-of-the-box" activities that uplift and equip children, assisting parents in developing their camper into a more well-rounded individual with a healthier overall lifestyle.


cwk campers during school time
cwk campers doing lego robotics

Our enrichment program is not based on theory, but on years of experience and application centered around development.  Students are introduced to our system of infusing school-work with stimulating excitement. Campers will attend class and complete workbook assignments each day--no homeowrk though! No worries, it's enough to keep them sharp over the summer! Campers read daily. Over the summer, kids will be enriched with Science, technology, Engineering and Math activities to prepare them for the upcoming fall semester.


cwk campers doing wilderness training
cwk camper doing trap shooting at charlie elliott

We strive to help campers increase their self-confidence by creating opportunities for them to express their talents. We believe energy breeds confidence and confidence produces vitality and drive--elevating self-image and self-worth.


Activities like fencing, trap shooting, learning an instrument and other stimulating activities require students to be active thereby releasing high amounts of energy and brain power.


piano lessons at camp warrior king
cwk campers taking fencing lessons atl fencing
cwk celebrating international day japan
cwk camper enjoying krispy kreme donut game


"Time flies when you're having fun!" Our goal is to have campers so focused and involved on the activities of the day that the time seems to "fly by." This summer, campers may discover a hidden talent and/or satisfy a desire to try something awesome and new. Camp Warrior King is fueled by the ideas and suggestions of the kids who attend so it can't help but be totally AMAZING!

girl cwk campers eating at benihana
cwk camper having golf lessons
cwk girl camper doing horseback riding lessons
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