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Team Hott Sawce is an exciting (YPD) kids' cartoon series about the Galaxy Guardians and Veggie Defenders who fight “The Negatoids,” a clan of interstellar insects terrorizing the Galaxy. Our heroes use their fun and unique powers to protect the universe from evil.


Each episode is filled with exciting adventures, thrilling battles, and laughs. Most importantly, the episodes are filled with positive takeaways your child can use. Join Team HoTT SAWCE and fight!  

*YPD: Youth Personal Development

Each week at CWK Summer Camp, we will have a theme. Check with your students to see what they've learned. The weekly themes are:


WEEK 2 (UNCLE HOTT) Dream Big, Make an Impact.

WEEK 3  (MASTER EGG TU YUNG) Visualize the Dream | Dream Boarding.

WEEK 4 (KATCH UP) Don't Fit in. Just be yourself. Brand your Uniqueness

WEEK 5 (KARA TAY) Authenticity. Spreading happiness, Attitude, and character.

WEEK 6 (UNCLE STINKER): Don't wallow in defeat. Create opportunities.

WEEK 7 (SARG-ANT) Foreward march, finish what you start. Persevere.

WEEK 8 (BAM-BOO) The best way to predict the future is to invent it—self-control/discipline.

WEEK 9 (BROCC O'LEE) Leaders, lead by example. Leadership principles to live by.








Are you a big dreamer? Great, you can do it! I played the drums in my band, touring the planets before I invented my famous secret SAWCE, "The Luv," which is now popular in galaxies all over space. I'll still do a cameo at a concert or two when I'm not traveling the planets on wild adventures with my team. “Put some Luv in all you do!”

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