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Dates: Opens November 25th, 2022.

What's included:

1. $10 Off 2023 Normal Tuition Prices: Families receive $10 off BOTH the regular camp registration AND weekly tuition price for each child registered during our CWK Holiday sale ($155.00). Families who take advantage of the early REGISTRATION/TUITION bundle will receive an extra $5 off.


1b. Early registered families will also receive weekly tuition discounts starting at (2) children instead of the normal (3) child discount requirement.

2. (1) VOUCHER FOR A FIELD TRIP OR ACTIVITY.  You can choose from our many field trips and activities as an early registrant. Limit 1 per registered child. Value maxed at $25 per child. Your voucher may also be used as credit towards a more expensive trip. The remaining credits cannot be used for additional trips nor transferred as credit towards another camper's trip. The voucher is nontransferable and cannot be used towards weekly tuition payments, vendors, or any late fees incurred while at camp. Your code will be sent via text before activities open (February 2023).

3. EARLY ACCESS TO FIELD TRIPS AND EVENTS. Early access to limited-ticket trips, workshops, and activities.  Access will be made available to you before general admission access. Early access ensures premium seating, preferred dates, and ticket amounts for this summer's awesome lineup of events. We expect to open the trip and events portal in February 2023.

TUITION POLICY: Regular weekly tuition is $165.00 per child.  Online payments have a service fee. Parents participating in the Holiday promo cannot combine the cash discount price. 

REGISTRATION POLICY: Normal Registration is $165.00 per child. There are no discounts for multi-child registration. Registration payments are non-refundable. 


We understand that families vacation during the summer, and we encourage family bonding. Camp Warrior King is a  camp with limited availability and huge demand. Camp spots are guaranteed with a paid registration fee. You are not charged a "holding fee" for weeks your camper does not attend camp. This policy applies AS LONG AS a written notification of the days missed and the estimated return are provided a week before your child's absence.

Additionally, you will be required to pay for the week you expect your child to return to camp the Friday before you leave. Failure to provide written notification (email: and pay will cause you to lose your Camp Experience Guarantee. In other words, your child may lose their spot at camp for the summer.

All policies are subject to change based on the discretion of CWK.

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