RTO Frequently Asked Questions (SATURDAY SESSIONS)






Q: What is the RTO and what will my kids do?

A: The Royal TakeOVER by Camp Warrior King (CWK), is a program that provides high quality childcare, once a month, on a Saturday, which FREES YOU to do whatever you want, from 10:00am-9:30pm. Pause for a second and imagine the possibilities...


For children, ages 5-15 yrs old, the Royal TakeOVER is an all day super party, full of hanging with friends (old and new), enjoying awesome and educational activities, great food and memorable field trips. 

Each activity your child is exposed to offers a skill they can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Q: Is this a co-ed camp?

A: Yes, our camp is co-ed. Boys and girls between ages 5-15 are welcome to attend. Additionally, we do not discriminate against children for any reason: race, creed, color, sexual orientation, family structure or religion.

Q: What should my child wear?

A: Your Camper(s) should wear comfortable clothes. Since we'll venture off campus for various events and activities, kids may wish to come stylish. RTO CLUB members are welcomed and encouraged to wear RTO gear. Additional t-shirts can be purchased through the CWK  store. Kids love wearing our t-shirts, they're pretty stylish.

















Q: What should my camper bring to camp?

A: Great attitudes and lots of energy! Younger campers are encouraged to bring an extra change of clothes that will stay at camp in case of an "accident." Additionally, RTO's camp store: "The Suga Shack," offers sweet items and ice cream for a minimal fee. We will venture out on trips. Please provide your child with funds to enjoy themselves at off-site gift shops and other places of interest.


Technology (ie: tablets, laptops, video games or music devices) is strongly discouraged.  Students will rarely have time to use their devices which also risk being damaged or lost. Phones, should be kept out of site--unless permitted by staff. RTO is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items of any kind.




Other questions people ask...






Q: Are meals provided?

A: Yes, Camp Warrior King will provide meals based on the events and schedules of the day. For example The food is exceptional. We cook on-site. ALL ALLERGIES MUST BE REPORTED IN YOUR CHILD'S APPLICATION. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


The safety of the children is our number one priority. Parents are recommended to pack meals for children with serious allergies or extreme food preferences. We DO NOT prepare pork or cook with pork. We will not knowingly cook with peanut products. Most other animals are fair game. If you have a concern, please ask.















Q: What is the cost for the Royal TakeOVER?

A: The RTO is $50 for Club members , $65 for all others and $45 for a 3 hour block.



Q: What is the drop off and late pick up policy?

A: Saturday camp hours are from 10am-9:30pm. Tuition covers the entire day. There is no early drop off.


Parents of campers left after 9:30 pm will be charged $2 per minute PER CHILD for each minute (e.g. 2 kids= $4 per min). Late payment is due at pick up. Consistent tardiness may result in your child being withdrawn from the program.



Q: Can parents attend field trips?

A: Yes, yes and YES! Take advantage of the opportunity to take pictures, build awesome memories and have a few bonding moments with your camper(s). One rule is: NO WALL-FLOWERS ALLOWED! You gotta get involved in the fun! If you attend a trip or activity, expect to be asked to participate. Depending on the trip, adult admission is normally higher than the campers. Come join the fun--as you see (below) many of our parents already do! 



Q.Will there be activities on campus if my children do not attend the takeOVER events off campus?

A. Absolutely! Our camp days are filled with fun activities on and off campus. 

Q. Are my children required to stay all day?

A. No. Depending on your schedule, you can choose a 3hr block that will suit your schedule. Blocks are available starting at 10am with the last block time starting at 5:30pm.


Q.Why should my child become a RTO member?

A. It saves you $$. Members save on average $135.00 or more on programs than non-members. Also, you will receive more big savings from CWK programs, it's affiliates and partners.

One of the biggest reasons parents sign their children up for membership is the community. Your child will be among their peers in a secure environment (in person or on-line) where they can be themselves, enjoy healthy, positive frienships--without the fear of being bullied, isolated or bored.

Additionally, kids have numerous opportunities to participate in all the wonderful events our membership offers. Click here to learn more.

Q. What qualifies my child as a RTO member?

A. Your child is a RTO member once you pay their one-time registration fee of $30 and the first month's membership fee of $7.99. Membership must remain current to receive perks. The registration fee includes a RTO t-shirt, RTO ID card (with their current membership level) and a club lanyard.

Q. How often am I billed and when do my reacurring payments start?

A. Once your child becomes a RTO  member, your card will be charged on the same date each month until you cancel your membership. For example, if you pay for a RTO membership on June 1st, you will be billed on the 1st of each following month.

Q. When are the newsletters mailed and how often?

A. Our membership newsletters are mailed out the second week of every month. 

Q. How do I redeem my $5 off each person I refer?

A. If your child is a paying member, You will receive a one time $5 savings for each child you refer to our Royal TakeOVER camp day. For example, if you refer (3) kids who pay to attend camp, you will receive $15 off your tuition that Saturday. The savings can be applied to tuition OR the trip of the day. Savings may not be rolled over to a follwoing camp day. You will not receive a savings if the camper does not show.

As a member, you also save $5  for each paying child that attends a week of camp during our summer sessions. This savings will reflect in your weekly tuition and only applies to tuition--not trips. Some families refer enough kids to attend camp for FREE.


3870 Cascade Rd

Atlanta, GA 30331


3050 Five Forks Trickum

STE D #481

Lilburn, GA 30047



 Camp Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm,

Camp Season: June 1st-July 30th; CLOSED 7/5 IN OBSERVATION OF JULY 4TH



Tel: 678 408 2053

Email: warriorkinginfo@gmail.com

Since trips are paid in advance there are NO REFUNDS on field trips. Students with verifiable doctor's notes due to an illness will be allowed to tranfer their trip payments to another activity.


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