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Parent Ambassador Program rewards parents for bringing a diversity of children to CWK. Use your contacts to put more cash back into your pocket. For the next several months leading up to summer we are asking participating parent ambassadors to do the following:




1.       Contact family and friends who have connections with schools, churchs and commuties. If you’re that person, even better…go to step 3.


2.   Get approval for CWK to promote summer camp at their location.


a.        (Usually this is simply a verbal “Okay” from a parent liaison or administrator. Call us if more explanation is needed.

b.       If you wish to simply refer a school or facility where we can promote, please email us the contacts name and number. We will handle it from there. (


3.       Inform us of the number of flyers needed.


a.   NOTE: if you plan to contact a school, get the total number of students in the school. We prefer to promote at schools where the flyers will go in the teacher’sv boxes to be distributed to the students, please be sure to make this request.)

b.   CWK will drop the flyers at the location or give them to you.


4.   Notify CWK of any PTSA, PTO or camp expos at the school you’re connected to.




1.       You will receive a $10 credit per family you personally refer that attends our camp. For example, if you refer (5) families that attend CWK in week 3, you will receive a $50 credit towards your tuition in wk 3 only. If in week 4 your referral number drops to 3 families you would receive a $30 credit respectively.


2.       It must be the family’s first time attending CWK.


3.       All families must have your name in the” referred by” box. You will not receive credit if this is not done. It is your responsibility to ensure the box has your name in it. CWK will not take responsibility for non-assigned referrals.


4.       There is no limit on the number of families you can refer to camp to receive credit.


5.       Credits will only count for the weeks referred families attend camp.


6.       Credits are not transferable.

**GA. CAPS referral amount limited…contact for more information.

We advise that parents wanting to take full advantage of the credit program actively promote at the school or location they refer. Contact us for more detail and ideas.



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